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As one of the most trusted asphalt repair companies in San Antonio, we take great pride in delivering parking lot maintenance all across San Antonio, from municipal to commercial to large-scale residential.

We make sure that every one of our San Antonio customers receives the same level of care and commitment.

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Asphalt Sealcoating San Antonio

Crack Sealing

Pavement cracking is an unavoidable aspect of its lifespan. It is, however, what you do and how soon you act when you first notice a crack that matters.

Chip sealing or repaving is more expensive than sealing a crack promptly and carefully to maintain the pavement. Addressing a fracture in the pavement as soon as it appears helps to prevent further oxidation, deterioration, and damage caused by moisture infiltration.

Whether you own a driveway pavement or a church with a business parking lot, it's critical to physically inspect the pavement at least once a year for any early signs of cracking and get them fixed before they become major repairs.

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The cracks in this pavement are sealed to extend its life and avoid future costly repairs.
The contractors are repairing this pothole before it gets larger and more dangerous.

Pothole Filling

Weather can harm asphalt surfaces, and our climate in San Antonio is especially challenging. Potholes can arise due to the ravages of time, as well as spilling automobile chemicals and the weight of driving. If your asphalt surface is near any type of planted area, water from an irrigation system might potentially cause harm.

It's vital to repair a pothole right away. It will simply expand if you wait — and this can happen in a blink of an eye! As a result, the sooner we fill those holes, the better!

When it comes to pothole repair, we understand the need for speed, and we endeavor to meet that demand as quickly as possible while always charging the most reasonable costs. We always use high-quality equipment and materials and follow industry standards while doing services, so you can be assured that your pothole repair will last.

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Asphalt Patch Repair

For filling cracks and repairing potholes in parking lots, we use a variety of asphalt patching procedures to help prevent future deterioration and save money in the long run. Based on the extent of the damage, our asphalt repair contractor will determine and utilize the most suitable asphalt repair procedure and material.

To improve the performance and life expectancy of parking lots, we employ the best asphalt pavement repair procedures and high-quality materials.

We use quality sealant to fill in cracks, holes, and disintegrating zones. You'll discover that it creates a solid, non-slip surface. Its purpose is to extend the life of the current pavement by protecting the undersurface from the effects of oxidation, water seepage, and climate. We use it on both old and new asphalt surfaces, the results are the same.

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A hot asphalt mix is placed to repair the damaged parking lot.
Resurfacing this asphalt parking extends its life of the repairing cracks without having to replace the entire lot.

Parking Lot Resurfacing

When crack sealing, pothole filling, and asphalt patching are not working anymore, it's time to consider asphalt resurfacing.

The procedure is rapid and inexpensive, and it usually requires removing layers of existing asphalt to inspect the original surface for any modifications or flaws. Applying a fresh parking lot surface finish improves curb appeal while increasing its life for a fifth of the cost of a new paving job.

As a leading asphalt repair company in San Antonio, we can cater to your needs swiftly and effectively. Call (210) 880-3447 today to receive your free quote.

Asphalt Repair Near Me

We're committed to providing the highest standards of parking lot maintenance as a dependable asphalt repair company in San Antonio. We are fully committed to our workmanship and long-term solutions in each repair project.

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