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Whether you require assistance with specific parking lot maintenance or are seeking a reliable asphalt paving contractor to construct parking spaces, San Antonio Blacktop is the one to call.

We ensure that all our asphalt paving and resurfacing projects in San Antonio will be done to the satisfaction of our customers.

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Parking Lot Paving

No matter if you have a small parking lot for a low-traffic office or a large parking lot for a retail mall, we have the experience and people to execute asphalt parking lot paving on time and within the agreed-upon budget.

We understand that paving parking lots takes longer to plan and requires more labor, but we'll make sure we can stick to your timetable and specifications during our initial consultation. If there are any possible issues, we always let you know right away so there are no broken promises or disappointments later on.

If you need asphalt paving work done in the greater San Antonio region, San Antonio Blacktop can assist! With our years of expertise in southern Texas, you can trust that we'll deliver your desired results on your project.

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Because all asphalt pavements have a bridging function and are flexible, this parking lot may bear minor overloads without sustaining significant damage.
The contractors are putting a new layer of asphalt to the existing parking lot to create a new smooth, shiny black surface without having to replace it.

Parking Lot Resurfacing

Asphalt resurfacing is a non-replacement method of fixing damaged or old asphalt driveways and parking lots. Even asphalt, which appears to be a robust, nearly indestructible surface, will require resurfacing at some point. Exposure to San Antonio weather, car weight, and vehicle oil leaking onto the surface can all cause it to deteriorate over time.

An asphalt overlay – also known as resurfacing – is a wonderful alternative for surfaces that aren't severely deteriorated. It's a fantastic alternative for restoring its appearance. It's also less expensive than new installation.

Before resurfacing, our paving specialists will cut away and patch any damaged asphalt. We'll also level any depressions and apply a primer to aid in the adhesion of the new asphalt to the old. During resurfacing, a fresh layer of asphalt is laid over the old one. If the existing surface is fractured but the subgrade is still in good shape, this overlay is especially useful.

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Road Paving

Asphalt gives any road a stunning appearance for a fraction of the cost of other materials. San Antonio Blacktop is a seasoned asphalt paving contractor ready to assist you with your project!

Whether you require a new pavement, a touch-up, or repaving, our asphalt services are readily available to cater to your needs. We utilize mixed asphalt for private roads (including asphalt driveway and sidewalks) to create something that will last for years. We'll work with you in laying out the area (square foot, costs, etc.), and use the best materials for the project.

We'll work hand in hand to give you exactly what you paid for. We'll make sure that your road pavement will survive as long as they were designed to.

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This pavement allows drivers to see the road better in any weather condition.
This new asphalt top layer helps restore the surface's prior appearance and increase the private road's curb appeal.

Road Resurfacing

While complete surface restoration may be required on occasion, asphalt resurfacing can usually address and repair flaws and deteriorating pavement.

The top layer of asphalt pavement is usually subjected to the most wear and tear. Cutting the existing surface, making necessary asphalt repairs, and placing a parking lot overlay to match the original material bring benefits to your county road or any of the other asphalt pavement surfaces we work on around San Antonio, TX.

There is no resurfacing job we haven't performed and completed, no matter how big or small it is. Call a contractor from San Antonio Blacktop as soon as you're ready to start your asphalt resurfacing or paving project! (210) 880-3447

Commercial Asphalt Paving Near Me

As one of the most dependable and experienced paving companies in San Antonio, our licensed and insured professionals know the ins and outs of the industry. You can expect us to deliver high-quality services at reasonable costs. With every paving or resurfacing job, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

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